Tuesday, 29 November 2011


"You've always been such a..proud, dignified man"


  1. Excellent! thanks for the link. in this case the wife is pushing for euthanasia! having a father who has become completely paralysed over 3 years, I can confirm we (family) feel the pressure at times from doctors or even "friends", "neighbours" to let our father die. First my father does not want to die despite problems, and second we fight for him getting better, not to die. Before my father falls ill, I was undecided about euthanasia, whether it should be allowed or not. But now I am completely against. At a time when my father had serious lung infection over 2 years ago, we heard from doctors his death was imminent, that there was no point in feeding him anymore... Back home "to die", my dad did not feel so bad and wanted to get a gastrotomy, we had to rush and find another hospital where he could get treatment, convince a neurologist by phone,.. in between GP saying we should be ready to let him go (means die) and neighbours telling us to be relaxed about dosage of morphin! Thank God we listened to our heart and intuition and supported our father to live. It is 2 and half years now since this happened and we are ready to celebrate Christmas with my father, with health problems, but ALIVE AND HAPPY! In times of difficulty there are many people who prefer to send you the cemetary rather than battling for you to live (all disguised with compassion). allowing euthanasia will put a lot of pressure on ill people to end their life!

  2. Anon
    Thank you very much for commenting and for sharing your personal experience. I hope you don't mind if I put your comment in a blog post.
    Many thanks

  3. Hah!
    Hilarious Mum, may I ask, is this an Irish show that this sketch is being presented in or is it an english one? All the same, it is an interesting point-and-laugh at the easy, avaliable attitude that is being presented toward eugenics in this society. Nice to see the media make fun of this for a change!
    Yours, G.K minor