Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Honors first haircut

Honor had her first haircut last week. 

Auntie Shirley is hairdresser by Royal appointment to all of us, and proper clever with the old shears.

Until a few years ago I used to take the children in to Carnaby St where she worked and get us all sharpened up and then we'd go off on a visit to a gallery somewhere. That was fun.

 But since Shirley had Riley four years ago, and then I had the girls, the getting there became hard work, and less fun.
So now we go round to Shirleys in the evening for our makeover instead.
 Colmcille was first up for the chop ( no pictures of him mid chop, but some after shots to follow)
which gave Honor enough time to settle and even feel slightly envious of the attention being given to his over grown barnet.
A little barnet envy was the aim at any rate. Three year olds are tricky and one has to be one step ahead of their trickiness if one hopes to secure their co operation.

So although Honors haircut was the Main Event, I affected cool disinterest in Honors hair, and oohed and aahed over Colmcilles while she sat on my lap and buried her head in my shoulder, all the while stealing glances at Colmcilles diminishing bush whenever she thought no one was looking .
If at this point I had told her how lovely it would be if she had her haircut too, or cajoled her to look at the lovely haircut Shirley was giving Colmcille,  and didn't she want one too?  all bets would have been off.
But like I said :taps nose: ...
one step ahead...

 Softly, softly catchee monkey...
By the time Colmcilles turn in the chair came to an end she was practically begging to be shorn.
She sat very still (mostly) and was pleased  to wear the crinkly adult sized gown which she kept fingering lovingly .
 When she had warmed up, Mark took these snaps of her. These last three, taken after the gown came off, are great.
 She completely lost her earlier self consciousness and was delighted with herself.

 Marie-Aibhlinn is still quite a long way off needing a haircut. I love nuzzling her little baby head.


She's almost walking and this is her favourite spot. Standing beside me holding on to my lap.
She's a little kitten.

 And while I don't have any "before" pictures of Colmcille, but he was starting to resemble cousin Itt

  This is a vast improvement.