Saturday, 6 April 2013

Blogger Comments: Apologies due!

I've just published a bunch of comments that had slipped under the radar. I can only assume that they fell  into spam and I happened across them just now when I was tinkering with my Blogger settings.
Sincere apologies to those of you whose comments were so belatedly published. Like most bloggers, I LOVE getting comments and  feel awful that I left some lingering in comment limbo.
I'll try to be more vigilant in future!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

"Edith's catsitting instrucions"

We had planned to spend Easter weekend at Ampleforth where the community of St Aeldred were running a family retreat. I spent most of Thursday packing and preparing and then, when Pat got home, we realised there was a problem with the car. the rear lights weren't working. We didn't feel safe driving all the way up to Yorkshire sans rear lights so we decided to postpone our departure until the following morning, hoping that we could sort it out before we left.

There were other complicating factors too. We don't have enough room in the car for all our family and so my oldest son was going to take the train. Son no.2 needed to come back early because he was catching a flight to Denver on Monday for the first leg of his Big Gap Year Adventure. By Friday morning we realised that the cost of the trains for the boys, coupled with the urgent car issues, and the necessity of truncating our weekend in order to get back in time for Dominic to pack for his travels were presenting obstacles insuperable and we decided to cancel Ampleforth and plan for Easter at home. It was more than a little disappointing.

Our luggage stayed in the car for almost the entire weekend before we got around to unpacking again. I felt so disheartened. The younger children had been really excited about the prospect of a weekend away.

In all my preoccupation and busyness I hadn't noticed that Colmcille had prepared a little info pack for our friend Edith who was going to be staying in the house during our absence and taking care of our cat Brian. All neatly presented in a folder complete with helpful pictures of cats and Easter bunnies. Colmcille is full of sweetness and optimism and it does my heart good to stumble across these little things he busies himself with when I'm not looking. I especially love the little tip he leaves for Edith as a "token of thanks".

Sometimes my children make my heart hurt with love and happiness. I wish I could bottle these days and keep them forever. Everything passes. He'll be a man soon like his older brothers and all these things will be a sweet memory. This is why I want to blog. To capture the moments that make my heart sing with gladness and gratitude for my darlings. The sweet pulse of my heart.

Packing list ( with Sniffers)