Sunday, 29 August 2010

As the holidays draw to a close

Normal service will be resuming shortly. Owing to all the summer comings and goings I've only just managed to get my holiday  pictures uploaded ( or rather I've had a little difficulty in  pinning down my junior technical dogsbodies to do said uploading for me. )

But no matter! Here's a couple of nice snaps of the President of the USA (PBUH)  and Russia's Pres Putin ( grrrr!) enjoying a little respite from pursuing Global Domination.
I spotted it  on this blog.

We surrender.

 Too funny!

Please note he's wearing his safety helmet boys and girls. The presidential nugget is well protected should he take a tumble. Unlike Londons own cuddly mayor Boris who got an awful telling off from matron when she
 saw him out and about like this

He was made to take his semolina pudding in the nursery. That taught him a lesson.

There. That's better Boris.


  1. Re your label . . . you amused me too. :-)

  2. Hysterical!

    Did you see the clip of Boris falling into the river? Classic. Shame nobody thought to make him wear a life jacket.

  3. Bookworm, thanks for that link. I find Boris hilarious.
    I love this:

    "Mr Johnson said: "We have been out and about in London to discover the joys of volunteering.

    "I think it is a fantastic thing to clean up our rivers.

    "And of course in order to promote this to the max, I made the ultimate sacrifice - I decided to fall in, in a very spectacular way."

  4. I love Boris too. He's too funny. He also has mad hair like my Dad and Einstein, he's in good company.

  5. I confess I do not love Boris. One of the greatest cities in the world does not need a buffoon with an unguarded tongue for Mayor. I am, frankly, amazed that he hasn't managed to put us on a war footing with Portsmouth or something.

  6. Rosamundi
    Nah, the people of Portsmouth aren't that touchy. Now LIVERPOOL on the other hand...

  7. I love Brit humor (humour?) This was great, including the comments. Thanks for the laugh!
    - Kate

  8. Hi Clare

    A very funny post. I think Boris is a hoot.
    One thing I would like to point out: Mr Putin is wearing a CROSS! I wonder what the American President is wearing????

    I hope you had a great summer and that all is well with you and that wonderful family of yours. God bless you all.