Thursday, 6 May 2010

Election day rap

Today's the day.
I'm still confused.
Thinking Love No Twaddle sums up my feelings quite well here.
There isn't a party that I can really get behind at the moment. The Labour government have really disgusted me with their  latest attempts to become the uber parent of our nations children and I long to see the excellently named Messrs Balls and Badman, and all their ilk, given the bum's rush once and for all.
As a child of Irish immigrants, who still remember that the proper name of the Tory party is the Conservative and UNIONIST party, voting Tory is typically anathema. My early twenties were all about the miners strike and "keeping the GLC working for London" and Billy Bragg and Hank Wangford and The Boothill Foot Tappers and The Men They Couldn't hang, and the general coolness of being young and optimistic .  But times and social mores have changed, and it seems to be a matter of choosing the least of three evils now.
I've cheered myself up by ordering a huge Papal flag on Ebay which I intend to hang out at the front of our house to welcome our German Shepherd to London in September.

My son Dominic showed me this today. It's  very clever.


  1. Tough decision Clare. Watching with interest over here. I have relatives in Huddersfield and several were leaning towards voting Tory for the first time ever or not voting at all.

  2. So we have a hung Parliament. Do you reckon they might leave off interfering in family life while they squabble like little kids among themselves for a while? Or is that too optimistic?

    Oh and you reminded me of the days of Innocent Until Proven Irish under Thatcher and her bullies. Grief! Whoever would have thought I would vote blue!