Sunday, 20 December 2009

7 Quick Takes. The very late edition.


Behold the crib! A very plain version this year , but I've decided that plain is the way to go since I have it at child's 'fiddling height'. My previous attempts at more elaborate nativity scenes have made me very possessive of the 'look' and twitchy about little fingers constantly giving it a makeover.
This year, assembly was fuss free.
  • Dark felt backdrop tintacked to underside of bookshelf suggesting a dark Bethlehem night: Check.
  • Fairy lights hitched crudely onto tintacks suggestive of twinkly Bethlehem skies: Check
  • Nativity figures awaiting the darling promised baby: Check
Done in five minutes.

Oh, and Honors subsequent not so final touches:
  • Woolly sheep from farm set: Check
  • Plastic cow also from farm set: Check
  • Plastic polar bear from zoo set: Check

Be it ever so simple, the crib is the loveliest of all the Christmas decorations. When everyone has gone to bed, I love to just sit with a glass of wine and stare at it. And of course, tweak the polar bear a bit and move the angel just a touch. It's like a holy dolls house.


I get a lot of inspiration from other bloggers.
Here is a photo of Gabriel and Colmcille last night which handily illustrates three advent activities all going on at once, all of which owe in some part to various lovely blogs.
See the lovely tree on which hangs some Jesse tree symbols? I got that tip here.
( click on the photo to see how tres tres 'rustique' the symbols are)

See the advent candle ring in the foreground? Got that recommendation from here ( although sadly the seller was out of stock and it only arrived a couple of days ago, so it is still sans greenery at the moment. It will be greened up tomorrow)

Notice the papers that the children are busy working on? They are the most lovely O Antiphon colouring pages which I found here.
We used metallic gel pens in lovely colours and then I laminated the pages. They look wonderful, like illuminated manuscript. The boys love using the gel pens, and even though they sometimes go on 'colouring in strike' they happily did this while I read to them and were happy to do it again this evening.


Just after I took the photo of the crib, Honor dropped the camera and I notice that there is now a shadow on the bottom left of the screen. At first I thought it was my thumb occluding the window, but I now realise that it must be damaged from the fall. What a pity.


I don't watch the telly much, but caught the tail end of this new sitcom on BBC2 the other night. It's called Miranda and it tickled me so much that I was still snorting after I had finished watching it. I only saw the last 10 minutes, so I looked it up on iplayer and spent a half hour at lunchtime, while Honor was napping and Colmcille was doing something with a pair of scissors and a cardboard box, watching it again.
And just incase you think I was recumbent on the sofa at the time, in a Juicy Couture tracksuit eating bon bons. I was not. I was peeling potatoes. I think that laughing and peeling vegetables counts as multi tasking.
And I don't wear Juicy Couture tracksuits. I have standards.
If you are tempted, here's the link. Go on, laughing is good for you It's like a massage on the inside apparently. All your internal organs get pleasingly jigged about. And that's a Well Known Medical Fact (TM)


The actress who plays Mirandas mother is Patricia Hodge. I briefly looked after her after she had her second baby when I worked on the private ward at Queen Charlottes. I recall her being charming, and well... younger!
Much younger. Whoever said Tempus Fugit spoke the truth. And I think it is fugitting faster every year.


Has anyone tried this? Do I need it? Will it change my life?
I certainly DO find myself losing track of my life. I identify with the foolish man in the video.
I need to know if it's the next thing that I have to have. Advice please.


Do I have to always post 7 things?

( more quick takes here.)


  1. Lovely... the roaring stove, the cutesome ruddy cheeks, the domestic felicity -- and of course the image of you in trackie botts!!

    I was going to diss your evident choice of Plastic Greenery but given the decaying state of our advent wreath, I think you've probably chosen the better option.

  2. Love the crib.

    I think kidlets are just drawn to them. Even a heathen like me has one around because my son loves it. My darling mother in law has a great kid friendly one she bought for him several years ago and he likes to arrange it (usually with some argument about how he researched it and *this* would have made sense. Including the year he banished the kings)

    I unfortunately have a mother in law who decided I love velor tracksuits. I do not. But I admit given my newly minted gimpy status, well they suddenly are getting use since I can wear them over the boot. It is sort of embarrassing to not have those standards anymore!

  3. I love the Jesse tree, I saw the picture on Bookworm's site. It looks great. Every year I say I'm going to do a Jesse tree and every year I leave it too late.

    Your nativity crib is very pretty.

  4. Sarah
    Thanks for visiting. I just had a quick look at your blog and it looks delightful, I love the snow photos!
    I'm on top of my head at the moment but I look forward to perusing at leisure later on!

    Really sorry to hear about your ankle, and yes, velour tracksuits do have their place!
    Hope you aren't in too much pain.

    Plastic greenery? Ew. Wash your mouth out at once.

  5. Oh, sorry! I just thought that as you were buying it rather than rustically gathering it, it was bound to be plastic. I stand corrected...

  6. Elizabeth, no I'm not buying the greenery lol! I just re read my post to see where you got that impression.
    When I said "the seller" I meant Kevin Mayhew, the candle holder people. They were out of stock so it only arrived the day I took the photo, still waiting for your oasis to be put to use with some greens from the garden!

  7. Clare - I've had this post up in my browser for about a week just to thank you for the link in #6 -- I must try it!

    Also, I read through your archives this afternon and really love your writing. I look forward to reading more!