Wednesday, 21 October 2009

A somewhat belated introduction

Just coming out of my baby bubble to introduce our little daughter.
Born at 14.10hrs on the 13th October. She's a dainty little thing and weighed in at 5lb 14.5 oz ( 2.680 kg).
Healthy and well. Thanks be to God!

The past week has been one of cosy seclusion. It's hard to describe how awed I feel without getting terribly profound. I look at her and my throat gets tight and another big fat tear starts to roll down my cheek.
It must be love. And it feels like healing too, like a warm compress on a chronic ache.

Before she was born we had narrowed down name choices to a couple of favourites, but now she is here those names don't seem to fit.
I am praying for divine inspiration because I know she has a name.I just don't know what it is yet.

This poem is from my little book of quotes. When I was 15 and rather romantically inclined, I kept a little notebook and jotted down anything that I found beautiful. Sometimes it was a line out of a film or a book. Sometimes it was something funny that a friend said. There are lots of poems in there and this is one of them.
I think it's very apposite right now.

My Baby Has No Name Yet

My baby has no name yet;
like a new-born chick or a puppy,
my baby is
not named yet.
What numberless texts I examined
at dawn and night and evening over again!
But not one character did I find
which is as lovely as the child.

Starry field of the sky,
or heap of pearls in the depth.
Where can the name be found, how can I?

My baby has no name yet;
like an unnamed bluebird or white flowers
from the farthest land to the first,
I have no name for this baby of ours.

Kim Nam-jo
(trans from Korean by Ko Won)

Many thanks to my communications secretary for putting the birth announcement on her blog while I was out of commission.)


  1. Such a lovely birth announcement! I felt the same way about my new little girl. Perhaps you could search out names meaning "healing", "heal" or "to heal".

  2. Big hugs! What a beautiful little belssing you have there. I am so happy for you and your family. So happy.

    Names are important take you time Sweetie.

  3. Congratulations! I am so very happy for you. You make my soul happy.

  4. Congratulations to you all. So happy to hear about your new little girl. I hope it is a little bit of healing that you are feeling too! Take care and enjoy!!!

  5. Congratulations, Clare! So very happy for you. I'm so pleased to hear that your new little girl is helping with healing. I can't think of anything that makes us feel whole again quite like the love of a newborn.
    I'm sure you'll discover your baby's name soon... can't wait to find out what it is!

  6. Congratulations, and Deo Gratias, indeed! So glad that she is healthy, and that you are enjoying your babymoon.

  7. She's gorgeous!

    I make no promises as to whether my roses will dry properly, they may go all manky and I'll have to do a furtive burial of them somewhere on the estate, but I got you a prayer card as well.

  8. Congratulations again to you all. She's a miraculous little beauty.

    Lovely, lovely poem, too.

  9. Thank you all!

    Sara ('catholicmom') left me a message on my old Wordpress blog and I'm pasting it here so that I can keep them all in one place.

    Clare, congratulations. And my gift to you must be from Gymboree because it is so American. Once you get settled, I will get something shipped to you. I can’t wait for you to bring your whole brood to Orlando and stay with us and do the Disney thing.

    Sara (CatholicMom)

    Thank you Sara, Get the guest wing ready!

  10. Clare,

    Oh, she's precious - and I know she has healed your heart. God is so good.

    That sweet pearl of a child will have a name in time.

    God bless.

  11. I don't know if you've chosen a name yet or not, but I keep thinking of her as Alma. In Latin, it means "nourishing" and in Spanish it means "soul."

    Kelly from VTC

  12. What a beautiful, perfect baby! I know you are bursting with joy and love. I am so happy for you. Thanks for sharing, Clare. God bless you both.

  13. Congratulations Clare.

    So many emotions, I know. Take your time with the name.

    By the way, my little boy was born Monday evening at 23:57 local time. I believe that is 7:57 Tuesday morning GMT. Just a few hours apart!

  14. She is sooo lovely! Congratulations Clare! I hope I get to meet her soon :)

  15. AAAAAAaaaaaaah, Clare, you've given me a tight feeling in my throat, too. I will force eye dryness, though.
    What a gorgeous wee poppet.
    I hope you're having a lovely babymoon, I hear you are being well cared for.
    Will come and whisk Colmcille off to the playground soon, if you like.
    All my fond wishes, Paola.xx

  16. Oh Clare I am so pleased for you, she is indeed beautiful. Thank you for sharing photos. Perhaps she has more important work to be doing right now instead of being named....that will come in time. For now soak in the love and be healed.

    Lots of love and prayers (and a few tears too!)

  17. Congratulations Clare - she is beautiful!

  18. Congrats!!! she is beautiful!!

  19. Clare,

    You need to blog again... does she have a name?

  20. LOL Kaira! You're right, a new post is way overdue.
    Yes, we have a name, but only settled on it in the last week. I'm going to put a post up today if I can get a chance.

  21. hey Clare,
    Congratulations - what a blessing..
    love Catherine