Thursday, 19 November 2009

Eureka! (Finally)

I know, I know. Don't say anything, I feel bad.

Instead of blogging I've been spending a lot of time gazing mistily at this picture of sweetness...and wondering...what the heck her name is!!
Before she was born, we had names sorted, believe it or not.
A boy would have been Peter Patrick or Patrick Peter ( for my late uncle and of course my husband and all the multitudes of Paddys in our family)
For a girl, I was quite determined to call her Edith Benedicta Teresa, for St Teresa Benedicta of the cross
Edith Stein was beautiful and brilliant as well as saintly. And Jewish of course, which is almost as good as being Irish.

I'm really drawn to all the Teresa's. The three carmelite ones and Mother Teresa. So I kind of wanted to work something Teresian in there.
So at first she was Edith. But calling her Edith didn't work. It's rather Teutonic as names go. It doesn't seem to fit with our line up.
Then my uncle Seamus suggested Blathin. You have to hear it said, it sounds prettier than it looks. It means 'little flower' so that would have been a neat association with St Therese.
That was vetoed pretty quickly by the big fellas in the house who just didn't like it at all.

So then we spent a while calling her Marie-Clare. But that's the name of a magazine here, so after a few days she became Mary-Clare. ( She was born on the 13th October, a Fatima date, so we were had been thinking of working Mary or Lucia in there)

My husband had been tossing Aibhlinn around for a while, but I wasn't convinced. It was a name that we had considered before when we were expecting the twins. It's a soft, pretty name.
In Irish the 'bh ' is said as a 'v' ( like 'Siobhan') so the name is said 'Ave lin'.
It means 'longed for child' which is apposite. But I really wanted a saints name so that, like all the others, she could have a feast day. And there isn't a saint Aibhlinn ( or Evelyn which I think is the English equivalent).
Eventually we decided to give her a double barrelled first name and after calling her Mary-Aibhlinn for a bit, we finally settled on Marie-Aibhlinn ( the 'Marie' is said as 'marry' as in Marianne or Marie-louise)
We kept it quiet for a bit though, because having called her Edith and then Mary-Clare, it took a little adjustment to get used to calling her Marie-Aibhlinn.
I didn't want to post her name only to change it again.
So I just laid doggo for a bit while the name grew on me.
Now I just love it. Her name fits her in a way that the others didn't.

And in a fit of name greed, we gave her a double barreled second name too. After all, if long, impossible to remember names are good enough for the crowned heads of Europe, then they are good enough for Her Majesty the Baby.
So now she rejoices in being called Marie-Aibhlinn Teresa Benedicta.
But we'll probably be calling her some silly pet name or other eventually, we always do.

Goodness. I feel like I've blethered on far too long here about the name choosing process, but really, I never imagined it would take this long.
I'm sorry to have left you all in suspenders, but it was bad enough having to tell my parents a new name to call her every few days without having to re announce her name to blogsville too.

Now we have to go and register her.

And as a post script, and for no reason at all other than to please Honor who loves it when she sees photos of herself in one of her many hats ( she wears them indoors and sometimes more than two at a time) here is Honor in a hat:


  1. What a lovely name! My little niece is an Evelyn, which comes from the French Aveline - a root of Avila. So in a round about way, she's named for TWO St. Teresas, LOL.

  2. What a beautiful name...for a beautiful baby!!

  3. How pretty! I've not heard Aibhlinn before, but like it better than Evelyn. And if you are going to have a name, why not have plenty of 'em ;). So which day are you going to celebrate as her feast day? Lots of choice for a Marie!

    (I can finally comment again. Turned out I needed to do something with privacy settings.)

  4. Beautiful. The name and both the girls.

  5. "Longed for child"... how perfect! It brought tears to my eyes.
    Such a beautiful name for a gorgeous baby.
    Congratulations and many blessings to you all!

  6. Oh, I was about to start leaving comments suggesting that we could change YOUR name to Helena Bonham Carter.

    I'm absolutely thrilled with the name because my only daughter is named Mary Evelyn, so of course I love it! Simply beautiful! :)

  7. Hurrah, hurrah!

    And hasn't she filled out! Look at those precious little cheeks!

    Love the hat pic too.

  8. Beautiful name! Although, we have a precious MaryClare, I love the name you chose. Thanks for sharing the whole thought process too!

  9. A gorgeous name, very fitting for a gorgeous baby girl! I love Honor in her hat, too - precious.

  10. she is as lovely as her name. What a joy to be able to take time, consider carefully and come to a name that fits perfectly

  11. A name defineately worth the wait!! Its gorgeous and I for one love it!! God bless little Marie-Avilinn, May He keep her near all her days.


  12. What a beautiful name! I have long been intrigued by Irish names and their mysterious spellings/pronunciations. Beautiful.

    I also didn't realize that you had a Dominic and a Gabriel! My 14 year old son is named Dominic and my almost 3 year old son is Gabriel.

    Shannon from STC

  13. What a beautiful name! I love it when children and named with names that mean something or are named after someone like a Saint.

    I think it's interesting that you took your time to name her. I'm so used to a baby being born and a name being slapped down on the paper within the day. I guess that that's an American thing? I think it's wonderful that you gave such thought to her name. And congrats once more on a healthy and beautiful baby girl.