Thursday, 8 October 2009

7 Quick(ish) Takes


I love to use up leftover food and make something really tasty. It's a particularly satisfying and delicious frugal thrill.
This week, sitting in the fridge, I had the cold and fatty remains of a roasted shoulder of lamb and a dish with a couple of servings worth of tomato and lentil soup.
A couple of onions, a tin of tomatoes and some curry paste later, et...voila! Delicious frugal lamb and lentil curry.


13th Oct. is D day.
Last week I saw the doctor. They don't want me to go much past 38 weeks and so they want to deliver me either by induction of labour, or planned section.
I do labour pretty well as a rule, and odds on, it wouldn't take much to get me going. But...she explained that they would, in view of my history, have a very low threshold for intervening and doing an emergency section if things didn't all progress very smoothly. The prospect of a very 'managed' induction with all the high tech bells and whistles is so very different to the midwife led homebirths I have had in the past ( pre twins that is) Even now, the thought of listening to the fetal heart being continuously monitored gives me palpitations. I'm such a worry guts now. Having had something actually 'go wrong' has rather played havoc with my usual Pollyanna ish optimism.
I just want to have this baby lifted out, like the finest Dresden china, and handed to me.
So that is what is happening on Tuesday next week. Kinda weird to have it all mapped out like that, but a huge relief also.


So. With that decision made, I'm now in full on organising/nesting mode.
I am the grim reaper of clutter, the merciless, all conquering nemesis of 'stuff'.
The local charity shops are fairly packed to the gunwales with the fruits of my scorched earth clear out.
Jobs still outstanding include washing the baby clothes in fragrant Fairy non bio (I have found all the little gowns, but no vests. Odd. I know I put them somewhere. I will have to buy some more tomorrow.)
I have the car seat.
I'm borrowing a co sleeper cot from Elizabeth.
Need to get a newborn insert for Ergo carrier.
Oh, and nappies.


I've cancelled our Farmaround delivery for the next four weeks. I think my husband will have enough to do without figuring out what to do with rainbow chard and marrow.
Pizza and bagged salad will be fine for a bit.


Bathroom. We are in the middle of re modelling it. Which is a bijou fly in the ointment of baby readiness.
I'm taking it in my stride however. We always manage to have some ongoing building work when I'm expecting, and this time is no exception. It's all taking shape nicely and I'm giving myself a little credit for being more grateful than impatient. In the past I've indulged a pretty bad attitude to home improvements that don't progress as quickly as I would like.
I think I might be growing up.


My friend Nora came round on Sunday and stayed for 2 nights. She told me to 'line up some jobs', so I did. Long story short, she radically transformed my front garden. Weeds gone, all the leggy stuff cut right back. Lavender and hebe planted along the front path ( I love to brush against lavender when I'm going up to the front door) Spring bulbs hidden in the mud waiting to make their glorious debut come March.
And a clematis potted against the trellis beside the front door.
That is what I call a friend.
Oh and she also helped me to clear out 3 huge Ikea bags worth of books. My bookshelves look much clearer, and it feels like another little victory in the ongoing rear guard action against 'dross lit'.


I had written a seventh quick take about my uncle Peter, but it turned into a longish take about my other uncles too.
I think I'm going to keep that for a separate post all by itself.

(The home of quick takes is here.)


  1. Yay so excited! I understand - it feels very odd to schedule a day to have a baby!

  2. Wow, exciting days. Best wishes to you and your family.

  3. Hey Hattie! Nice to hear from you ( I love the little pic of you and Caden)
    Thanks for visiting!

  4. And thank you very much Elizabeth and Patrice.
    Yes, I'm excited, in a nervous kind of way.
    I can't quite believe I'll have my baby in my arms in a few days, please God.

  5. Awesome Prayers and Love- Enjoy and Take Care :-) And of course when up to it please share pictures :-)

  6. Clare-
    So excited for you. We are scheduled (tetatively) for Friday, with a platelet check and another round of ultrasound measurments on Thursday morning. That will determine whether we go the Dresden china route or not. Like you, I am hip deep in nesting. The children are exhausted and we are not even close to being "ready."

    I will pray for a good delivery on Tuesday!

  7. Oh Clare, how exciting! I will keep you and baby in my prayers, especially on Tues.! Can't wait to see pictures :)

  8. I will be thinking of you and your family this week and praying that all goes smoothly.
    Best wishes and God bless,

    P.S. My word verification is "ancipet". Is that what it's called when you are waiting to get a new puppy or kitten?