Saturday, 10 October 2009

Europe really, really, like, 'hearts' Obama

And in recognition of his, um, being not George W Bush ( Distinctive: Obama being for world peace, Bush being, like, y'know, against. Obviously ) he has been awarded the Nobel peace prize!
Which, in fairness, he probably ought to share with every Miss World contestant who has ever espoused the same desire for an end to, like, fighting, and hate and bad stuff like that.

I was on the fence about global harmony, I could see both sides of the argument. But I'm really starting to come round to Obamas way of thinking.

I broke up an argument between my 6 year old and my 11 year old today, and I got them to sit down and
listen to eachother( and me LOL!) . I said

"Guys, it's all about respect. Things may seem broken, and you may wonder if we can fix it, but today, I believe that together, we are able to say, in the spirit of Bob the Builder, 'Yes! Yes, we can!' "

My gift for oratory and rhetoric was a bit lost on the little savages, but it's a start.

Oh and, I can count on one hand the number of times I've smacked botties, let alone waterboarded
any of them ( a practice that has always been strictly verboten in this house)

And even though I have owned a pair of cowboy boots, they came from Faith shoes on Oxford street and weren't the real article. Furthermore I've
never worn them at the same time as I've worn my cowboy hat (TopShop). And I wouldn't know an oil well if I fell into one.
So I'm definately nothing like Dubya.
So can I be in the running for the peace prize too?
(Not that it matters, but does the winner get a million dollars, or is it pounds? Either way, it'll more than cover my bathroom remodelling budget. And there's bound to be
some left over for charity)


  1. Hee hee, and hear hear.

    Very interesting article on John Smeaton's blog (don't have time to do the combox linky thingy) contrasting Obama and Mother Teresa.

  2. Thank you Elizabeth. Found it here:

    I've just added it to my Bloglines. I've noticed that he has all of 8 subscribers. A rather depressing confirmation of the general lassitude and lack of interest perhaps?