Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Young Nuns ( havin some fun, crazy ladies keep em on the run)

I know it's a bit late, but I want to watch Young Nuns on I Player ( I know, quelle surprise) but it won't play for me.
Is it just me?
I'm going to jack it in and go to sleep if it won't work soon.

Nuns are my favourite people, but only when they wear the full shebang.
Progressive nuns in navy polyester trouser suits with a little silver cross pin are all wrong in my traddy opinion. Why on earth bother.
I want an aesthetic ascetic.
I like my nuns to look like Deborah Kerr in Black Narcissus.
I want hemp and sandals and rope and big giant knotted rosaries hanging from the waist.
I want big butterfly wimples or veils so long you could trip over them if you weren't looking..
That's what I want, if you want to know.


  1. Well worth watching Clare. You will like the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal who (apart from being Franciscans) have hemp, sandals, rope sinctures and rosary beads (but not wimples). Interestingly it is a rare programme that presents Catholic Christianity in a respectful light.

  2. Thanks PP, I watched it last night and LOVED it!
    Was a little choked up in parts, especially when Clara was leaving home. I felt a bit relieved when she came back. Especially on account of her little brothers, to not be around to see them grow up was so gut wrenching. Like a breeavement in some ways I thought.
    I'm pretty sure I've met Catherine ( who was looking at the Dominicans) but I'm not sure where.

  3. (I meant 'bereavement' obviously. Annoying not being able to edit comments!

  4. You will have met Catherine, prob at 40 days or somewhere else on the 'scene'. She is now at SPES. Funnily enought, the fashion show she was filmed at (and organise) - I was there with Carlos. I confess to having no interest in fashion but did enjoy meeting the models ;)

    Yes I found it hard to understand why Clara would choose to not see her brothers grow up

  5. Thanks Sudhir. I knew she was familiar, and yes, i think I met her in connection with 40 days.