Monday, 21 November 2011

A heads up about new posts planned.

I've been thinking that I would like to keep a record of some of my online forum conversations.
Some of them throw up very interesting, or comically ludicrous challenges. But i would quite like to keep them in one place and my blog seems like the best place for that.
I don't want to bore anyone, and obviously there is no obligation to actually read it, but I want to be able to refer back to it myself from time to time.
 Also, it occurs to me that reading through the exchanges may help other readers to think about how to formulate their own responses to similar challenges.

Please don't think that I imagine I have done a marvellous job worth emulating. I don't.
Although I do think the church's teaching is very satisfying to defend because it is so clear and coherent, and I would like to encourage normally timorous readers to be a little bolder in explaining or defending their faith, or the Holy Father .
It has been interesting to see how perceptions of the same conversation differ.
Sometimes I think I am being hilariously LOL funny and I am surprised when others comment that I am rude and arrogant.
I do think that my tone is something I need to watch. But at the same time i don't want my salt to lose it's flavour if you know what i mean.
Anyway, I'm cutting and pasting over the next couple of days and will be putting the exchanges up here, warts and all, for you to read if you like that kind of thing.
 I won't edit to make myself look better, but I will take out some of the extraneous fluff ( mine and other people's) if it gets in the way of the conversation.
Just thought I'd let you know what's in the works.

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