Friday, 7 October 2011

Happy Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary

Mary, little Mary,

You are the gentle breeze of Elijah

The breath of the Spirit of God

You are the burning bush of Moses

which bears the Lord

without being consumed

You are ‘that place near me’

which the Lord showed to Moses

You are the cleft in the rock

which God covers with his hand,

while his glory passes by.

Let the Lord come with us

if we have found favour

in his eyes

it’s true that we are sinners

but pray for us

and we shall be his Heritage forever.

Mary, little Mary,

Daughter of Jerusalem

Mother of all nations

Virgin of Nazareth

You are the cloud

which protects Israel

The tent where we meet

The Ark of the Covenant

The place where the Lord dwells,

The Sanctuary of his Shekinah.


  1. I am stunned by such heresy. JESUS was the burning bush (I am) - God Himself was the cloud. Do you catholics now believe that Mary is part of the Trinity? That Mary is the savior of Israel? Do you guys ever read your Bibles?
    Mary is the Ark of the Covenant??
    Why dont you just do away with Jesus altogether - can anyone say pagan??

  2. Hi Anon
    I started to reply to you and it turned into such a long response I thought it was wasted hidden away in the comments so I made a new post for it here:

    Do fire away with any more questions/objections. I'm happy to mull over them and respond.