Friday, 2 July 2010

The Truth About Abortion

I'm not sure if it's a breach of blog etiquette to copy paste an piece from elsewhere in it's entirety. If it is, I hope I'll be forgiven and an honorable exception made for this post. For so long I've been frustrated by the apparent apathy towards the scourge of abortion in the UK.We pay for this barbarism to be delivered by the NHS. Why are we so quiet about that? Why are our church leaders so quiet?

Honestly, I can hardly bear to hear about another emetic bidding prayer about overfilling kettles or not switching off lights. Small people in our country are condemned to a grisly death on account of their parents "choice" and we are blethering on about being good stewards of the earth.

I'm sure I wouldn't retch and choke with indignation quite so much if the concern for being green was even matched just a bijou amount by concern for the smallest, most vulnerable and most utterly dependant whose lives have barely begun and who are talked about and regarded as just another right in our panoply of rights. A "choice" to be farmed, cloned or exterminated . Longed for, or discarded as an unwanted "consequence".

Listen. Abortion is wrong because it's a baby. And it is ALWAYS wrong to intentionally kill a baby. Always.

How did we get to this point in history where 1in 5 pregnancies are aborted? What kind of savages are we that we just live with this?

I think abortion is so deadly because no one likes to talk about it. So many people have had an abortion that we are afraid of dredging up some crippling guilt if we call abortion what it is. Murder.

And we can't see abortion. Even the doctor performing the abortion doesn't really see it. It's all hidden.. The dark sanctuary of the womb is invaded by blind tools guided by the unseeing hand. Aborting the baby is like an excision. It's merely a polyp to be whipped out and carried off in a clinical waste bag.

When Marie Stopes aired it's infamous abortion advert recently I wondered if this might in fact, perversely, be positive for the cause of Life. Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more.
I'm an optimist and I do believe that the night is darkest just before the dawn.
For the first time, I am able to have proper conversations about the reality, especially with young people. The buzz that the advert created has created conversation fodder. Usually it's pretty hard to bring up the subject of abortion in polite company.
So thank you Marie Stopes, for providing the talking point.
Robert Colquhoun of Love Undefiled really has his finger on the pulse of the pro life issue.
This evening I noticed that he had put up a link to this new website. It's very slick and very contemporary and what makes this site really interesting to me is that it's British.
It is about time that we caught up with the much more active pro life movement in America. For too long the stalwart soldiers of the pro life movement here have been elderly women.
This is an issue that the younger generation should be profoundly galvanised by.
I have a feeling that their moment is arriving. This issue is the most pressing civil rights movement of our day.
The unborn need heroic men and women to champion their cause, to be a voice for the voiceless. There is a generation of young people who are ready to be stirred to speak out, to act and to challenge the cruel indifferent apathy of the last 42 years.
Abort67 is named for the year abortion was legalised in this country. It pulls no punches, and it's about time.

If you are fine with abortion,
if you think it's "complicated",
if you think you wouldn't have one, but you "wouldn't tell anyone else what to do",
if you think "it's ok in serious cases like rape" ( that is, if the father was a rapist then it's ok to give the child the death penalty)
then you need to know the truth about abortion.
Dare you?

The following is from here:
The day Marie Stopes International were planning to advertise their deadly services on Channel 4 we took four of our banners outside their Brixton clinic. We had asked them if they wanted our help in advertising their services as they had announced on their website that:
We believe that every woman has the right to accurate, unbiased information about all of her pregnancy choices, including abortion.

After telling us they would get their marketing department to contact us we heard no more from them. We can only assume they were too busy to get in contact so we went ahead anyway.
We were told over and over again by women who had experienced abortions that they were totally unaware and uninformed that abortion did what it did. After seeing our pictures they all agreed they would not have gone through with it. Wait a minute, perhaps that's why Marie Stopes never got back to us. Marie Stopes doesn't care about women's choices, only in promoting abortion.
Marie Stopes display Brixton

sorry this   ride is now closed

What do you do if you don't like the answer to your question? Well if you are part of Marie Stopes, you stick your head in the sand and change the subject. Recently, Marie Stopes ran a poll to demonstrate the support for legalised abortion in Northern Ireland.
As the results were clearly showing that they were struggling to find this support we emailed Marie Stopes for a comment and of course we heard nothing. Bernadette Smyth from Precious Life, an anti abortion group in Northern Ireland managed to take them up on this.

On Tuesday 9th March, Director of Precious Life Bernadette Smyth went head to head with an agent of Marie Stopes on an Irish radio station. Bernadette let the Marie Stopes agent dig her own trap by allowing her to say their first poll result “..had to be taken seriously”; “..the government had to act on it”; “..87% of people couldn’t be ignored”; …etc, etc. But then Bernadette sprung the trap by asking “What about the 82% of people who are currently voting on your website poll saying NO, abortion should not be legalised in Ireland?” The hypocrisy of Marie Stopes was exposed live on air when their agent said that poll result could not be taken seriously. Bernadette retorted “Then why are you taking your first poll results seriously? Why are Marie Stopes not issuing press releases stating that that 82% of Irish people don’t want abortion legalised? Do Marie Stopes only issue poll results when it suits them?” The Marie Stopes agent was totally lost for words.
By the time Marie Stopes realised what was happening and pulled the plug on the on-line poll the "NO" vote had reached 94%. When we tried to find the poll on their website the page came back saying "OOPS - You have arrived at this page in error; it may be that the page you are looking for has been moved during recent improvements to our website." Oops indeed!
This isn't the first time Marie Stopes have struggled to gather support for killing unborn children. In 2007 they ran a petition for a year but only managed to get 498 signatures. 77 of which were Marie Stopes staff, 14 from IPAS and 3 from Abortion Rights.
Will Marie Stopes stop pushing their unwanted and deadly trade on the world? I doubt it. Not until there is enough resistance to what they are doing. Will you join us in standing against them?


  1. Check out a Pro-Life song on my Blog.

    God bless.

  2. thanks Claire, do pray that I get a job this year and if so I want to start 40 days for life in the UK. check out their website- it could bring a huge change to pro life issues in the uk and I can only start it if I get paid meaningful work.

  3. Brilliant Clare. Thank you for this post.
    As I get over the inquest I attended on Friday I have to say I really do believe that the culture that cuts up and throw away babies is the same one that left my friend to die in her abject misery.
    If we can't care for those who are completely innocent we wont care for those with serious depression.
    Meanwhile I seem to be surrounded by women who are desperate for a baby and unable to conceive or keep a sticky one. Getting on the adoption roller coaster in this country is like volunteering for cruel emotional abuse.
    There simply aren't enough babies.

  4. Thak you from me too, Clare.
    I can't believe I only just discovered your blog, btw!
    Autumn x

  5. "For so long I've been frustrated by the apparent apathy towards the scourge of abortion in the UK.We pay for this barbarism to be delivered by the NHS. Why are we so quiet about that? Why are our church leaders so quiet? "
    I agree - this is something I am increasingly frustrated by. I'm thinking, "Hello! Babies are being killed every day AND our money is paying for it and nobody seems to be talking about it or making a fuss about it."

    Women definitely aren't making informed choices. (Not that they should be given the option to do it in the first place.) At the RVI (in Newcastle) when people planning abortion had their scan, they used to tell them if it was twins but they found that almost all people who were told they had twins then went on to keep them instead of having an abortion so now they don't tell them.

  6. Hi Clare
    WOW! This is a wondeful post. Yes, yes, yes to everything posted here. We all should be more vocal, more active, in our fight for those babies who never have a chance at life. A few months ago I saw a video on a blog (I can't remember which blog it was)in which a Canadian Bishop was being interviewed about a Catholic man who was jailed for refusing to file his tax return. The Bishop said that he approved of non payment of tax which funded abortion. Maybe that is a good idea, I don't know, but they couldn't put us all in jail, could they. Thanks Clare and keep the great posts coming. God bless you.

  7. That last picture was too disturbing. God have mercy on us.

    Prayers for Robert Colquhoun.