Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The view from the kitchen sink.

Bathtime tonight. First for the muddy veg, then for the pots and pans, and lastly Her Majesty the Baby.
Occasionally it's nice to be chained to the kitchen sink.


  1. That is too adorable. Look at her self satisfied little smile! I love it!!

  2. OOOOH I just want to squish her :) What a great picture!!!

  3. A beautiful photo of a beautiful domestic scene. You can just tell that the newest addition is part of a very happy and loving family. God Bless!

  4. LOL Brilliant.
    I have a photo of the Bearded Wonder like that when he was a bit smaller (and less hairy).

  5. What a happy photo to see - just precious! Thanks for making me smile!
    - Kate

  6. Hello Clare
    Oh my goodness! Words fail me but the smile on my face and in my heart (if you could see either smile!) would speak volumes. Thank you, thank you, thank you! God bless you and special blessings for the darling baby.

  7. so o oo wholesome! The artists tools in the background add the finishing touches to the exquisite scene! I particularly like the way you have brought out the golden colour of MA's hair with the carefully placed carrots.


  8. Paola, I know! Such a beautifully composed shot but totally accidental. If I tried to recreate it I couldn't.
    Barney just came home from work and snapped it on his mobile phone.
    The carrots definately suit her, lol!

  9. hehe. this is one of the cutest girls in the world!!! well her sister is one also. Clare is the modern, practical mum of Mums!!!

    I am so gonna be ready for motherhood after the teaching of ole wise Clare!!! xx

    from Edith