Wednesday, 30 June 2010

How a Rabbi led me to Rome

I've written before about my interest in Judaism and how it led me to a new appreciation of the liturgy, the sacraments and eventually back to the church that I'd wandered away from some years before.
I appreciated the way the observance of the feasts and seasons strengthened the Jewish identity and acted as a teacher of eternal truths in every generation.
I recall reading about how, for Jewish people, celebrating the  Passover meal was seen as a way of being mystically present, across time, at the moment when the children of Israel escaped from their Egyptian pursuers across the Red sea..
In this way,  despite the accident of separation by time and space, each generation could, in a sense, "be there".
I couldn't help but be reminded that Catholics view the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in a similar way. That through it, the veil between time and space is lifted and we become mystically present at Calvary.
What hadn't made any sense to me at all as a cradle Catholic, suddenly fell into place as an Evangelical with an interest in the Jewish people.

The pennies, once they started to drop, all fell pretty quickly. And having meandered slowly and  carelessly away from the church, I sprinted back to it at quite a lick.
Having arrived, I was fascinated, and delighted to find that I was not alone. That others had found their way back through discovering the Jewishness of the Catholic church.
It really makes sense to me that what went before, while a shadow of what was to come, was not simply thrown overboard, but found it's fulfilment in the light of recognising Christ, his passion, death and resurrection.

Taylor Marshall is one of my favourite bloggers. He took the circuitous route to Rome and writes eloquently about the reasons why. Here is how his story starts:

"I was not always drawn to the Catholic Church. I once resisted it with great force. As a college student I believed that Pope John Paul II was the Antichrist, and boldly concluded that the Catholic Church was the Scarlet Whore of Babylon described by Saint John in the Apocalypse. I even handed out Jack Chick tracts and left them in the toilet stalls of the dormitory (looking back, a rather suitable place) for fellow students to read. Today my wife and I (and our five children) are Catholic, Roman Catholic..."
Read the rest here.

Today on his blog, he makes this announcement:

I'll be on Al Kresta's nationally syndicated radio show today (June 30, 2010) talking about "How a Rabbi led me to Rome," at 3:10 pm Central Time.
If your city doesn't have Catholic radio, you can listen live through the internet by clicking: here

I'm taking my laptop upstairs with me so I can listen to it while I'm giving Marie-Aibhlinn her last feed of the night.She gets kind of tetchy when I try and read a book and breast feed at the same time. She keeps reaching round and grabbing at the pages.
So I'm looking forward to just sitting back and listening to Taylor Marshall instead.
I just thought I'd share in case anyone else would find that as interesting as me.
Goodnight all!


  1. Fascinating! Thanks for sharing that.

  2. thanks for sharing! It sounds very interesting!

  3. Thank you for your kind words. May God bless your beautiful family.

    Taylor Marshall

  4. ps-
    unrelated to this post:

    I just read what you wrote on James Preece's blog; I TOTALLY agree with everything you said.
    His attitude is utterly shocking. I am gobsmacked that he actually went on the radio spouting off his baseless conspiracy theories. He is making the entire situation so much worse.

    Thanks for your words on his blog.

    God Bless

  5. Antonia
    I really appreciate those words. I was wondering if I was alone in being aghast at what is going on over there.
    It seems as though he has become carried away, and his commenters are egging him on and making him feel like a hero for taking up the cudgel.
    I've said my peace now, and I hope to remain out of the fray because those things have a way of drawing one in.
    I've reached a point now where I don't care any longer about whether or not the planning side of things is going awry, the Holy Father is coming to England and I am filled with hopeful anticipation.
    Let's just pray!

  6. Taylor Marshall,I'm honoured to have you visit!
    Thank you for calling by!

  7. One good outcome of the B3 shambles is that I have discovered your blog:)

    As I said there, James has done daring stuff on drawing attention to the CES's and the Bishops' compliance with the NuLab government.

    If those threads on the B3 show anything it's that we catholics are going to find it just as hard as anyone else to get through the pearly gates when the time comes (as if we didn't know that already)!

  8. Hi Epsilon
    Thanks for calling by!
    I agree that it takes a certain chutzpah to take on the issues you mention in the way that James did.
    I also believe the bishops need to be strongly challenged, especially in the matter of the CES business lately.
    Challenging authority without crossing the line into impudence, rebellion and scandal mongering however, is a delicate business and it requires a great deal of wisdom and meekness.

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