Thursday, 22 April 2010

Sayings worth saving

Every so often I come across an inspirational quote, a pithy saying, a thought provoking remark.
Sometimes I overhear an amusing exchange or the children say something funny.
I have tried different means of keeping them, whether it's in a file on my computer or on paper,but overtime they just get fragmented, lost or just too well tucked away somewhere to ever see the light of day again.

It occurs to me that my blog might be an excellent way of keeping some of these. By assigning categories to them it shouldn't be too difficult to find them again.

Pardon me while I indulge myself.

Here's one to kick off with:

"Even suffering is part of the truth of our life. Thus, trying to
shield the youngest from every difficulty and experience of
suffering, we risk creating, despite our good intentions, fragile
persons of little generosity:
The capacity to love, in fact, corresponds to the capacity to suffer,
and to suffer together." Benedict XVI


  1. What a great quote! So true!

  2. Now that is a good quote. Very profound. Good ol'Papa. He understands.

  3. That is a lovely quote.

    Here's a not so lovely quote from my eldest:

    "Tudors, Each enemy a Judas, But none of them as rude as, Simon Cowell". ~Horrible Histories

  4. LOL! Great quote Sarah! I love Horrible Histories, they are indeed very quotable.