Saturday, 10 April 2010

I do not spurn modernity

You know you're getting a little old when you find yourself regularly announcing that technology is marvellous. But, well...isn't technology marvellous!

Husband dear has recently been issued with a i phone. He's not much of a gadget man at all and would be perfectly happy with an ancient old brick really, but one has to do ones best to keep up with the new fangled contraptions beloved of the moderns.

We like to adopt a lofty tone of detatchment from gadgets that borders on being a little sneery. But I'm making an exception for the i phone. I am not sneering at the i phone. The i phone is a decidedly useful little gadget that fits into the "Isn't technology marvellous" category.
Here's why:

Such cuteness!

This is Honor on her way to bed tonight posing for photos with Marie-Aibhlinn. The simplicity! No wires and USB cables to hunt down and fiddle with. Just emailed to me, and bingo! a bloggable photo sans faff!
I think this could catch on with me. There may be a little self indulgent cute photo posting going on around here in future.
Modernity, I embrace you! I kiss you on both cheeks. Mwah!


  1. My iPhone has changed my life. It is velcroed to my face.

  2. Awww! How beautiful and adorable are those girls?! Nate has an iphone too, I have not yet converted.

  3. I always thought I was fairly tech-savvy. But yesterday I borrowed dd rather lovely camera to take photos of the newest member of our home ed group; a gorgeous boy now a couple of weeks old- and I couldn't remember how to use it! LOL
    Lovely photo.
    Enjoy the tech :)

    btw are you aware we have a reprieve thanks to the CSF Bill drowning at the Wash Up? Marvellous.

  4. Mum6kids
    Yes, it's fabulous news!
    I am so awash with thoughts about both this latest anti family folly of the government and the pope business that I have a kind of bloggers paralysis. I hardly know where to start.
    I think I'll just take the lazy way out and put up a post linking to yours and others observations!

  5. Our family has a similar viewpoint when it comes to technology. The irony is that my husband designs chips that go in electronic devices. I imagine his co-workers must laugh at him with his cheap prepaid cell phone.

  6. Oh my! You're going to persuade this low-tech Mama to get an i phone. Too much cuteness!

  7. I love my iPhone as well. I haven't yet met anyone (who has actually had the chance to use the iPhone a few times) who doesn't like the iPhone...

  8. I too am an iPhone fan (and all things Mac) despite being a luddite in other ways (especially a big anti-TV ranter!)