Monday, 21 September 2009

Pregnancy diary 35 weeks

I am totally bored stupid with my wardrobe now. As far as my 'look' is concerned, I've got to the past caring stage. I can still wear some clothes, like this blouse, which are not officially 'maternity', but capacious enough that I don't look poured into them.

The white belly band I am wearing in ths picture, was loaned to me by Elizabeth and has been a brilliant little prop, enabling me to wear tops that would otherwise stop short of decent belly coverage. Also, lots of maternity trousers, like the ones that I'm wearing here, seem to be cut very low on the hips, and I'm of the opinion that showing my knickers to the boys is a sartorial no no. So the belly band, which looks a bit like I'm wearing a t shirt under my blouse, has been a wardrobe staple lately.

Not long to go now. But I'm itching for the moment when my dress choices are no longer dictated solely by comfort and modesty. I'm starting to understand why the elderly ( probably grudgingly) settle for zip up crimpolene dresses and velcro slippers.

I imagine that as soon as I get the chance. I'll be hitting the shops, hyperventilating, salivating and nostrils flaring, like Homer Simpson in a doughnut factory.

"Mmmmm... pea green skirt...we were made for eachother!"


  1. You look beautiful, Clare!

    I've got a seven-month old baby that I'm still nursing, so having that limitation is getting a little frustrating. I'm keeping in mind that all too soon my wee one won't need me for nourishment anymore and I'll really miss it.

    And I guess Homer Simpson is not only an American phenomenon, huh?

  2. Oh my! You are the cutest preggo lady!!! You look fabulous, and can I say that I look like that around 20 weeks, not 35!!! I hope you feel as good as you look.

  3. J and Sue
    Thank you for that! I don't feel very cute but, still, it's nice to HEAR it.
    Us girls are like that aren't we?

    J, I know, even when the pregnancy is over the wardrobe choices are still limited while you are nursing. Still, it's lovely to be compensated by having a little chook to snuggle with. That's what I'm looking forward to!

    Sue, again, thanks for the compliment. I do tend to carry quite neatly. But, oh my! I feel VERY pregnant. I think it's hiding in my pelvis. And sadly my varicose veins reqire surgical stockings, which are not really very stylish. But never mind, not long now!

  4. Clare, you look wonderful!! I like the belly band! It is frustrating towards the end. Hang in there. BTW, that skirt is really cute! I am a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal but I thought it would like great on you!

  5. I remember being fed up with my clothes. For some reason it was my aim to get through pregnancy with the absolute minumum expenditure on clothes which meant I had a very limited selection. I've been looking for maternity dresses for next time as a dress my friend lent me was the most comfortable thing I wore but they all seem to be either short or low cut or both (or else hideously expensive). Are the belly band things comfortable?

  6. Hi Susan,
    I know exactly what you mean about the cut of maternity clothing. I have found this really frustrating. What on earth good are spaghetti straps on a maternity sundress when you need to wear a proper bra? And showing pregnant belly and vast expanse of thigh is really really tacky IMO.

    Tee shirt/vest tops under dresses are useful, as are leggings under them. Although unfortunately I had to abandon leggings once I started to need proper support stockings ( those white toeless ones you wear in hospital *sigh*)
    I have found Vertbaudet quite a good source of reasonably wearable clothes.

    The belly band is VERY comfortable, not at all tight. I have mine on loan from a friend, but you are more than welcome to some of my other maternity clothes if you think they'd fit you ( I think you might be smaller than me). The trousers in this pic have been quite a useful staple, although they are cut a wee bit low under the belly.

  7. Thanks butterflygirl
    Yeah, the thought of that cute little skirt at the end of all this makes me smile!

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