Monday, 7 September 2009

Making assumptions.

There is a fascinating discussion going on at Visits To Candyland at the moment on the Catholic doctrine of the assumption into heaven of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
I'm learning alot listening in to the discussion these eggheads are having.
I've even jumped in myself. My contributions have been in the manner of a child at a dinner table butting in on the conversation of boffins discussing string theory, with my own thoughts on whether the moon is made of cheese.
Suffice to say, I'm a bit in awe. but it's interesting nonetheless.

The empty interior of the sarcophagus in the tomb of Mary, in the Kidron Valley.


  1. Clare- I've enjoyed your comments on that post (you don't give yourself enough credit!).

    What's a boffin?

  2. LOL Patrice! Kelly at VTC asked that too.
    A boffin is a brainiac, a geek, a clever, egg heady kind of person.
    Must be an English phrase.

  3. Just so you know, I've found some of your explanations of Catholic doctrines to be very helpful. I think maybe it's because you have spent time in a protestant church rather than having always been in Catholic churches so you understand the protestant mindset/language well enought to be able to explain things which other Catholics can't.

  4. Flippin' 'eck. Back and forth with the same old, same old from our separated brethren... Fascinating stuff about our Lady (happy birthday to her!) too.

  5. Thanks for the definition.

    I count myself among the many "poorly catechized Catholics" referenced in the discussion (not sure I even spelled that correctly!)

    I picked up my materials to teach 7th grade (age 12) CCD and to paraphrahse "Brother can you spare a prayer" - if you could spare a prayer for me as I prepare to try to prepare these 12 year olds in our precious faith I would appreciate it!!!

  6. Elizabeth
    Thanks for chiming in over there. By the way, your point has been responded to, you might want to take a look, or not. Sometimes I feeel like I'm going in one direction and then I'm sent chasing off in t'other. It's dizzying.

    "I count myself among the many "poorly catechized Catholics" referenced in the discussion"
    Ditto me. It's been a steep learning curve these last couple of years, but very rewarding. Catholic teaching is SO deep and so very COHERENT. I've had lots of "Wow" moments.
    Well done on your efforts in CCD, I'll be glad to spare a prayer!

  7. Susan
    Thank you so much for your comment.I feel pretty out of my league over there, but it is a way of trying to get a handle on two very opposing perspectives.
    The church I went to wasn't at all anti catholic ( it's the one that started the Alpha course) although some of the people who go there are. Others are just a bit wary.
    Some are really concerned about my move, I still get pamphlets with titles like "The Error Of Rome". To be brutally frank, these aarguments are not very intelligent at all and just churn out the same stuff in the manner of a Daily Mirror "shock! Horror!!" headline.
    Online I can at least see some proper, and more thoughtful responses to my objections/defenses.
    I appreciate your comment about my 'Protestant' perspective.I hope I don't lose it. I remain very grateful for all that I learned there and the people I became friends with whose lives I still find to be such a witness to the reality of the power of God.
    Maybe I should post about that too.