Thursday, 4 March 2010

Psst...husband dear...pls read this post!

Well it's worth a try.
In fact my husband hardly ever reads my blog. Alas and alack because it could be a pretty useful way of dropping some heavy hints. Like, for example, oh, y'know..maybe, gift ideas? Just a thought. I mean we all need a little inspiration in the 'unique and meaningful gift' department from time to time right?.
And it strikes me that this blog could be a handy vehicle for a little *ahem* helpful "product placement".

Moving on...
A while back, I was looking for some little keepsake for Marie-Aibhlinn.
Her middle name is Teresa Benedicta, for the two Carmelite saints. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, and St Therese of Liseux whose intercession we were seeking during my pregnancy (  and before my pregnancy).
I found this terrific Etsy site which sells the most beautiful creations. Mostly jewellery, but also other knick knacks like fridge magnets. They are truely unique and unusual and if I could I'd buy all her stock.

So when I saw this sweet little ornament I knew it was just right for our little flower.

Through emailing back and forth with Nicole, the lady who makes the ornaments, I got to know her a bit.
She shared a lovely website about St Therese ( which I tucked away in my bookmarks and can't seem to find right now) and I told her a little bit about our family and sent her a link to my blog.
I liked her straight away. I'm a sucker for anyone with an artistic talent. But it was clear that she pours so much of her heart into creating the things that she sells. so I was thrilled that I'd found the perfect little gift for Marie-Aibhlinn. A thing of beauty, made with love.

But I was completely blown away when Nicole sent me an email saying " Look what St Olivia inspired me to make for her mummy" and included these photos:
Isn't it just perfect? I can't imagine a more apt memento for our own little family saint . It brings a lump to my throat thinking about it. It's so precious. Whenever I look at it I'm reminded not only of Olivia but of the kindness of strangers. And I'm reminded to ask Olivia to recommend the needs of Nicole and her family to Our Lord.


  1. Oh my! That made me cry. How very beautiful, Clare. Isn't it amazing how God can lead us into such beautiful friendships with dear ladies we have never even met in real life?

  2. Dear clare
    This is a beautiful post. The kindness of strangers is amazing sometimes isn't it? Yet, we shouldn't be amazed, I suppose, because it is probably that 'little bit of God' which is in us all. Some people, like Nicole, let their 'little bit of God' shine forth. Another lovely thing is how we can feel fondness and friendship for people whom we have never seen. Isn't life just grand! Aren't people just grand! Thanks Clare and God bless you and your lovely family.

  3. What a lovely story!

    I don't know if you remember me or not but I followed you over here from HSB. Been wondering how you were, keeping you in prayer. So nice to see your beautiful family!

    Take care and have a terrific week!

  4. Thats just so beautiful!!
    Take care :)