Saturday, 27 March 2010


I've just returned from the parents where I decamped with the 3 littles while we were having a new reclaimed oak  floor laid to most of the downstairs.
In order to "encourage" me not to return too hastily,  husband dear sent me these photos taken from his phone:
He knows me so well.
These photos of domestic  flotsam and jetsam, dislocated and uprooted and apparently tossed hither and thither, are the visual equivalent of nails on a blackboard.
Add to that a thick coat of oak dust from the floor sanding and I need to blow into a paper bag.
It was as though the Cat in the Hat had brought Thing 1 and Thing 2 round to play and they'd left without using the tidy up gadget.

Being very butch, the mayhem didn't seem to bother the big boys one bit, and they were quite happy with their diet of cereal and pizza.

Now that I'm back, I'm getting stuck into returning things to their rightful place, and I'm seeing how much stuff we have.  I feel an urge to purge . I'm considering doing something like this "40 trashbag challenge" but I'm not sure I'll have the discipline required to log and blog my efforts.
I think instead I'll keep a bag on each floor of the house and make a conscious effort to notice anything that we no longer need or use and put it in there, daily.
With that decision made, I feel better already. Little steps!


  1. If that was my house I'd probably hyperventilate too. Isn't it funny how men, when left to their own devices, will happily exist in squalor and eat nothing but pizza?

    New oak floor, though. Mmmm. Hope you're enjoying it.

    [I came here via Sweeping The Cobwebs. I immediately felt solidarity with you when I realised you weren't American - I think we're the only non-Americans at STC!]

  2. Ooh, I love having a good old 'de-cluttering' session. Trouble is I share the house with two adults who are determined to thwart my efforts at every turn! :-)

    They are both dedicated to the philosophy 'better keep that - it might come in useful one day'. If it hasn't come in useful in the past 20 years, I don't know why they think this is suddenly going to change!

    Good luck with the tidying up.