Thursday, 5 April 2012

Gates Lift up your heads! Raise your arches! Let the King of Glory enter!

I have finally worked out how to upload video's to YouTube. Thrice woot!

Palm Sunday procession. Fitzroy square to Ogle Street.
It is a privilege and a joy to follow the Cross of Christ in the streets with my brothers and sisters.


  1. missed this with Fr. sure it was lovely.


  2. What a great way to witness! Always excellent to process through the public streets. Not my taste in music, perhaps...

  3. Lovely to see a public witness to the Faith - I love our parish's (few) public processions - but they don't go through such grand (and public) territory: we're in the 'burbs! OTOH, oh dear, I'm not sure about the music: those guitar riffs would send me running with teeth-a-gnashing... but I suppose that's the beauty of the universal Church: something for everyone. Wishing you all a happy and Blessed Easter, A.E. & family xxx

  4. Funny, i thought I'd replied to Edith and Ben here, but now I can't see it. Hmm. Perhaps I just didn't hit "publish", it woouldn't be the first time.
    Thanks all.
    I totally get the music thing, and lots of guitar music sets my teeth on edge. But this feels different to me. It has an earthy, rather Jewish sound to my ear. And it is pure scripture rather than the dreadfully soppy "lyrics" of some folk hymns. I think it is they that have given the guitar a very bad name.
    A couple of days ago we were watching a German language DVD called Francesco Und Der Papst about a young Vatican choir boy who sings for the Pope. It is a really beautiful glimpse into his world. At one point an African choir visits the Vatican and they use guitars. Guitars in the Vatican! I was shocked! But in the context of the African music it seemed completely appropriate and joyously easy on the ear.
    I wish I could find a YouTube of it.
    Also, I think it is noteworthy that the neocatechumenal way started in the slums of Madrid, whereas Opus Dei ( as an example of something completely different with which I am also aquainted) started in the universities. I think both movements still retain something of their roots in the way they live out their faith in the world today.
    Just my thoughts.

  5. I found this on YouTube, it might be the same choir, I'm not sure. But I find the music so authentically African and joyously worshipful, it moves me.

  6. Hi Clare
    A slightly belated Happy Easter to you & your beautiful family. I don't get much time for commenting on my favourite blogs these days but I do look in whenever I can. (Circumstances have changed somewhat & I am not quite the lady of leisure I once was.) Anyway, because you do so much for the cause of the unborn, I thought you might enjoy this video, which was sent to me by my cousin. The people in question are friends of theirs. I found it such a moving video & it just proves that babies, at any age, are precious. Thanks, Clare, for all your wonderful posts & for the wonderful work you do for God's helpless little ones. God bless you.