Thursday, 5 January 2012

The stuff of nightmares, and fright flicks.

So how was your Christmas holiday?
Did you burn the bread sauce?
Argue with grandma?
Hit the Baileys and wail dementedly over the sherryless sherry trifle?

This story is about to cock your turkey traumas and internecine festive squabbles into a cocked hat.

This young mother lost her husband to cancer on Christmas day.
She is alone a week later, on new years eve, with her three month old baby, when two intruders, one armed with a hunting knife, try to break into her home.
She thinks she recognises one of the men as someone who had been stalking her.
She puts the baby in the cot with a bottle to keep him quiet. She picks up a "12 gauge" and a pistol. She calls 911 and asks the operator if she can shoot him.
The operator, while not exactly telling her that she can shoot, tells her that she must do whatever she can to protect her baby.
The men outside start to break down her front door as she stands waiting, with her gun cocked.
As soon as the first man sets foot over the threshold, she fires the gun and kills him. His accomplice legs it.
It all sounds too incredible, and nightmarish, to be true. But the recording of the 911 call is here, and the poilce appear to verify her story.
Oh and by the way, she's eighteen.

Talk about Mama Bear. 
As the spunky lady says, there's nothing more dangerous than a mother with her child.
Oh yes.


  1. AMEN!!!

    I totally understand what you are saying! Especially as a 'Mama bear' who has spent the last year fighting for one of her cubs! And the fight continues.......

  2. Hi Clare,
    no more news? I hope all is well with you, looking forward to reading soon soon.