Sunday, 18 December 2011

O! O! O!... Christmas is almost here!

The great O Antiphons have started today. And this year we have another little head at the table.
Honor joined the boys to colour in the O Sapientia ( from here.)
I have been collecting jewel coloured gel and glitter pens and putting them away for this special week.
Tonight I got them all out and we sat at the table and listened to A Classical Kids Christmas while we illuminated our pages.

The book in the foreground is The Christmas Mystery by Jostein Gaarder, given to us by a friend. It is written to be read, a chapter a day throughout advent and we are really enjoying it and looking forward to the next chapter each evening. It's a nice read for a wide range of ages and because the chapters are reasonably short they are quite manageable. I recommend it to anyone looking for another advent family readaloud.

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  1. Happy Christmas Clare - to you and your lovely family. I just listened to Nine Lessons from King's College - live - so I was sort of in the UK - and prayerfully close to my British friends. God bless!