Friday, 5 August 2011

There is no need to be afraid

First God calls. Then God converts us. We are not called because we are already converted. With the call comes the grace for a change of life. Slowly at first. In fact, slowly all the time.
Our lives will change when God acts and we do not resist his action. Our lives change, will change when God calls and we do not ignore his calling. Our lives will change when God chooses and we do not reject his choice.
Today we pray that when the Lord acts, here in Ogle Street, his action will not be resisted by you! And when the Lord calls, here in Ogle Street, his choice will not be rejected - by you!
Meanwhile you will be very relieved to know that not all priests are like me! Priests come in all shapes and sizes. Some of us are nice. Some of us are very nice indeed. And some of us are not nice at all!
This is to assure us that God is not a selection committee. If he were, I would not be writing this now. God chooses whom he chooses. God could even choose you. Yes, you!
Listen to God’s call today. There is no need to be afraid. If God risks on you, risk on him.

Fr Alan Fudge. 29th April 2007


  1. So beautiful, so true, so challenging.

    I really can't believe he's gone. Even though I hardly knew him, I sense an enormous gap.

    May he rest in peace.


  2. Thank you Elizabeth.

    Yes, an enormous gap. A yawning, lonely gap.
    Damned death.

  3. Dear Clare,
    I'm so sorry for your and the parish's loss. May Father rest in peace.
    At our parish, we lost our beloved priest on Palm Sunday. He was found dead in the rectory, and the ushers found him and made an announcement 10 minutes before Mass was slated to begin. Our bishop came and annointed Msgr. Ball and then stayed onto celebrate Mass.
    Please be assured of my prayers for Father and for you and your fellow parishioners.
    In Christ's peace,

  4. Thank you Gail.
    It must have been a terrible shock to lose your priest so suddenly. To lose a dear priest really is like losing a father.
    God bless you.

  5. Prayers for you and your family during these troubles in the UK.


  6. "Meanwhile you will be very relieved to know that not all priests are like me!"

    If only there were more priests like you Father Alan, churches would be full and more people would convert. Please God, send us more priests like Father Alan! May he now enjoy the beauty of heaven and pray for us.