Saturday, 2 July 2011

A plague on my laptop

Just a brief post to say that normal service will be resumed pronto.
My laptop was afflicted with all manner of worms and trojans and bears oh my!
Well, I'm making up the bears, but the trojans and worms were apparently real, and they did the divil of a job on my machine.
Ghastly business.
Were it not for a visiting young seminarian friend who happens to be a bit handy with 'puters I might still be in blogging limbo.
I shudder to think...


  1. Glad to see the seminarian friend sorted it all out. Keep going! Lovely post of Colmcille, since I could't be there

  2. @Guy
    Yes technically minded seminarian friends are very handy, everyone should have one.
    What with his kitchen skillz he's practically perfect.
    But I found a flaw.
    He overcooks green beans.
    Meh, I'm prepared to overlook it.