Sunday, 5 June 2011

Theology of the Body: Third International Symposium 2011

I'm having a busy weekend.
Amongst the usual domestic obligations and weekend activities, I have managed to steal away and attend a few of the talks at the Theology of The Body symposium 2011, Which, this year is taking place this year at St Mary's college, Strawberry Hill, in Twickenham, my husbands old Alma Mater,.

I think it's a great venue. Near enough to central London, but far enough out that there is plenty of space, and parking isn't a problem. And I hope the visiting Yanks, who usually appreciate a bit of ye olde historye, will  enjoy Horace Walpoles magnificent, and slightly spooky, Gothic castle.

The weather has been glorious as well which is a great bonus. Although our visitors probably all packed their kagouls and fleeces expecting London drizzle, not this continental heatwave.
We Brits like to surprise our American friends.
Surprise and fear, fear and surprise. No one expects to pack for the Costa del Sol when they come to England.

I've taken so many notes and I really want to take a moment to blog about it so that I can remember some of the points that really made an impact on me.

I will say that Christopher West is a great speaker. He does an excellent job of presenting his material in a way that those unused to the rather fusty language of academia can easily grasp.
I am very glad that he is back in the saddle after his sabbatical.

Tomorrow, husband dearest is going in the morning on his own, and then I plan to follow a bit later with the children. If I'm lucky I might manage to leave the youngers with the older ones for a bit, and nip in to hear another speaker and then we'll all go together to the closing Mass at 12.30.

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