Thursday, 19 May 2011

Hitchens discusses abortion with Josef Mengele

(or his latter day counterpart.)
This atheist scientist says he "works" with fetuses and they "look human but they are not".

"I have worked with aborted fetus's during the course of my scientific studies, and I DON'T believe the things that I have dealt with in the lab situation which have come from abortions are human beings. They LOOK like them they resemble them physically, but they are not human beings."

Where have we heard that line of argument before?
Hitch the Younger nails every one of his fallacious "arguments" for murder and exposes the piffle that smart people will reduce themselves to in order to justify murder as a moral good.
Save The Whales!
Save The Trees!
Save The Seals!
Save The Planet!
(And if you change your mind and want to kill them after all, give them their latin name instead and pretend that they are something else)

(HT: Robert at Love Undefiled )

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