Thursday, 31 March 2011

America's Got Talent 1967

Someones crying Lord

Oh wait, no, someones laughing Lord...

Hang about, someone is watching  with mouth agape Lord, kumbayah

Someones peeping  through their fingers Lord kumbayah

Someones wincing Lord, kumbayah

Ooh Loord Kumbayah.

Someones choking Lord, kumbayah

Someones LOLing Lord, kumbayah

Someone's ROFLing Lord, kumbayah

Ooohhh Looord kumbayaaah

(HT: The prolific Fr Zed)


  1. Why make fun of these nuns? What is your point?

  2. @Anonymous
    I'm sorry. Please don't take me too seriously, this just tickled my funny bone.
    I don't really have a point.