Saturday, 4 December 2010

Story time with Grandad: Little red Riding Hood.

While my father was reading to the girls last week, I sneakily nipped into the utility room, fired up the mobile phone and took a video. I'm not usually very good at being on the spot with  technology to capture the moment when it presents itself. But I'm glad I managed to catch this for posterity.

I love hearing my father read stories, and it's adorable to see the girls enjoying it too. Funnily enough, I don't 'hear' his accent when I'm speaking to him, but I notice it on a recording. Don't know why that is.

( Memo to self: Pipe down when recording, ones voice is awfully loud and annoying)


  1. Hi Clare

    Absolutely wonderful! You have captured a beautiful moment. The little ones are gorgeous and I love your father's accent. It transports me to other times and other places. Thank you and God bless you, the little ones and Grandad too.

  2. Awwww... lovely! I especially liked M-A grabbing your dad's cheek and H's coy glances at the phone -- as well as your dad's wonderful voice of course! -- Elizabeth the Unblogger

  3. So lovely!
    We had the volume turned right up so we got a bit of a blast when your voice came on!

    Great chair btw.


  4. This is so precious! I LOVE your Dad's voice! So glad you recorded this, and it was fun to hear your laughter!


  5. Just found your blog, I presume the title,is a reference to a good woman being beyond the price of a ruby? as for boys, well my 3 were pretty roughty toughty in their day, my only daughter may look feminine but she could hold her own! happy days,we are expecting our first grandson next spring so back to trainsets and rugby balls (although none of ours liked playing it in Wales its compulsory!)