Sunday, 24 October 2010

( Backing Up) My Daddy Taught Me Good!

I can relate to this lady.
Although I've never been interviewed by the press after a robbery, I think this is how I might tell the tale:

 I'm not sure how they made a song out of it, but it's catchy:

HT: Creative Minority Report.


  1. Great minds think alike... and read the same blog posts... we posted the same item just 4 minutes apart, according to Google Reader!

  2. LOL! That's funny Mac.
    I just noticed that too after I posted.
    Hope you're enjoying a pleasant Sunday with the kitties!

  3. Oh Clare! Thanks for the giggle! I'm not sure which I laughed at more. This one or the old spice commercial!! LOL! I needed a smile this morning. :o) Hope you are doing well? And well done for your control with the nasty lady this week!!

  4. Thanks for the laugh! There's also a funny barbershop quartet...

  5. Clare that is so -o funny,
    I would like to share one with you (in case you haven't seen it it is very old) I don't know how to make a link but it's "the mom song" on u tube. worth watching every month I think.

    Paola x

  6. Hi Paola
    Is it this one:

    I'd seen it before somewhere, but forgotten about it. Very clever!

  7. no, I got it wrong , it's the 'mum' song not the mom song - HUGE difference, same song better performance. x

  8. LOL and I love the Mum Song. Every so often I just have to quote a bit at the children.