Saturday, 29 May 2010

Thirteen and counting!

I came across this video on Fr Boyles blog Caritas in Veritate.
It rang some bells at the beginning because I recognised the family name, but as I watched I realised I know this family, at least some of them, in a 'friends of friends' kind of way.  I'd heard about the triple bunk beds and was curious about them so I was pleased to see them in this video. I can't imagine changing the sheets in the top bunk is much fun, or maybe it is.
I've met the mother a few times, and honestly, she's luminously beautiful and serene. Not at all the down trodden, harrassed beast of burden that, as a teenager, I was warned childbearing would turn me into.
It's a lovely little series of snapshots of life in a very large family.
You won't see this kind of thing in the dreary mainstream media which prefers to caricature large families as being those of feckless, benefit cheat parents spawning feral, lawless children. Nor will you see it in building society ads where the marketing mans presentation of the successful, happy family rarely strays further outside the prescribed mother, father, daughter, son combo. A stylish,  handsome and smiling foursome,  usually engaged in some outdoor pursuit, cycling, picnicking or running hand in hand. *yawn*.
If you're bored of these one dimensional  cartoons, here's a real family to make you smile, enjoy!


  1. Hello Clare
    I know you know that I have sent you a Sunshine Award but I am only now getting around to actually telling you. I love your blog so I hope you'll accept the award and perhaps pass it on to your favourites too. God bless you Clare.

  2. Lovely. I wish I had more. *sigh whistfully*
    Someone phoned Catholic radio (Catholic Answers I think or Dr Ray) and asked what they thought of those big families on TV like the Duggars and Jon and Kate etc.
    It was interesting (must have been Catholic Ans) that the man thought that the big family message was mixed and probably not honest because having the cameras there must change things somewhat.
    I am glad that some of these big family programmes are pro big family. I have doubts about the Duggar programmes and of course the Jon and Kate thing imploded but there's a Catholic family of 10 children including a disabled daughter that I've seen occasionally and I like their simple approach to life.

  3. The video isn't working for me.

  4. Sanabituranima
    Try this:

  5. That's hilarious. I have a friend who has many children - 14 or 15 and they have 2 sets of quad bunks in one bedroom. They are pretty awesome. The kids are in charge of their own bed linens.