Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Oh happy day!

On Sunday 10th January, the church kept the feast of the baptism of Our Lord.

In Rome Pope Benedict XVI baptised 14 babies.

Here in London our own little Marie-Aibhlinn Teresa Benedicta was carried to the waters of baptism and emerged a new soul.
Deo Gratias!
It was exciting and moving and very splendidly done. We are very grateful to our incredibly hardworking and faithful priest Fr Alan, who is constantly labouring in the service of the people of God.

Happily a couple of our guests ( thank you husbands of Elizabeth and Paola!) had the presence of mind to film the rather dramatic dunking.
She seemed more bothered about being undressed than being fully submerged three times. When she came out I thought she would be in a lather of tears and would need a little calming down feed, but she was quiet and quite quickly fell asleep.

Our priest was clearly so deftly confident that I felt rather as though I was handing her over to the doctor. I wasn't anxious, although I was praying that there wouldn't be any nappy accidents. Fr Alan said that it's never happened. Maybe those babies just know that if there is one time in their life not to have a potty emergency, this is it!

And here's another that happens to be the right way up

And then when she was dried off, she was dressed in the gown her daddy wore.

There, happy and content.

And so are we!


  1. I've never seen a baby baptised by full immersion. I'm amazed she didn't cry, although I have a vague recollection that young babies are very at home in water - a memory of the womb perhaps?

    Regarding the video of the Pope; is that St Peter's? I don't remember it looking like that. Or are there many different parts? I just remember the altar being huge with a marble canopy (if that's the right word).

  2. Welcome to the family of God, little one :)

  3. So beautiful! It was so wonderful to be there.

  4. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing. It seems like such a short time since you shared that you were praying for this baby and now she's here! What a miracle.

    You have a lovely family. Congratulations to you all.

  5. I am thinking I need to visit England. Clare, do you have connections for I can have tea with the Queen?

  6. You really have a beautiful family! Congratulations on another sweet baby girl :)

  7. Congratulations sweet baby girl!! How precious.

    PS - If you get CatholicMom in to see the Queen, do you think I can come, too?

  8. CatholicMom, you know, I have TRIED to "reach out" to HM The Queen, but she is SO standoffish. Quite frankly, if she doesn't want to be friends, well it's her loss in my opinion.
    I'll take you for tea with my mother though. Much warmer welcome guaranteed.
    I think you two would get along.

    Kritter, you can come too!

    Sarah, I'm not sure about St Peters, perhaps someone else can say?

    Jessica, many congrats on your happy news!

  9. Welcome to the family, Marie-Aibhlinn!
    A beautiful baptism! I've never seen a full immersion one like that, especially with a baby! Wow. I hope that my children can be baptized like that =]
    Congrats to your whole family!

  10. Corks, as my son would say! That must be what our bishop was threatening our dean he wants to install at the cathedral. Gulp. If the Lord ever blesses us with another child I would have to go for the little shell of water option again, I think. Lovely to have a new little sister in Christ, though. Congratulations.

  11. Thanks Brookie!

    Lucy, I know, it looks a little traumatic doesn't it? But honestly, our priest is such an expert and both Marie-Aibhlinn and the other little baby that was being baptised didn't seem at all preturbed. In fact, the other baby didn't cry at all either before or after if my memory serves me correctly ( did she Elizabeth?).
    Marie-Aibhlinn just went to sleep afterwards very happily.

  12. I found it, it's the Sistine Chapel. I didn't get to go in the Sistine Chapel when I visited Rome because it was being renovated. Ok I feel better now I know, lol.

  13. Just reading through your TWELVE comments, oh you popular blogger...

    I think you're right -- I don't think the other baby did cry.

    Fruits of the Spirit, folks.

  14. Just came on here to show the children the vids but they're coming up as unavailable. We did look at the Holy Father instead. Youngest saw him and announed, 'Jesus.' He's got the right idea. Think he was trying to say 'in persona Christi'.