Thursday, 20 August 2009

Pregnancy diary 30+ weeks.

My friend Edith arrived from Zurich a few days ago. We haven't seen her for about eight months, which is unusual, usually she's back and forth more frequently.

Edith is a force of nature. She is American and therefore when she talks, all her sentences have exclamation marks.
Also, they are either staccato: "Punctuated.Like.This.Clare!" Or run on as in "No!Idon'tbelieveitClare!"

When she arrived with her little leopard skin wheelie suitcase ( she loves animal prints and black. This is the look for Force Of nature type people ) she took one look at me and said:
"Clare! Are.You.Pregnant?! OhmigoshWhereisit?! ...Youjustlookbloated!!"
Then she took out her mobile phone and took these snaps:

It's true that it's not an impressive bulge. And yet I can't stand being on my feet for longer than a few minutes.
A woman down the road is as pregnant as me and ginormous. Yet she can skip around as merrily as a little mountain goat.
I, on the other hand, with my 'Is she pregnant, or just bilious?' bulge, am waddling around like the Hofmeister bear on prosthetic legs.

I am greatly afflicted with varicose veins, one particular horror really feels as though it's at bursting point. I am doubly afflicted by the torment of surgical stockings, which may be worse than the problem they are meant to relieve. The elastic, the heat, the itch. Aargh! It's like wearing a hair shirt, only on my legs.
And whenever my knees are ever so slightly bent, it's as though there is a rope behind them where all the elastic rucks up.
Still. I have nary a stretch mark and can still sneeze daintily without, know.
So I haven't experienced Total Physical Wipeout (yet).

And still, it thrills me to weepiness to remember that all this is owing to a brand new soul waiting to make his or her debut.
So I'm not really complaining, just venting a little. That, and thinking that I'd like to document something of my pregnancy here before it's all over.


  1. OhmigoshClare!

    If you could see me, you'd faint with horror: due on the same day as you and about 3 times as pregnant looking! No varicose veins, though, so I guess that makes up for the heft.

  2. Many prayers offered for you, Clare - that where possible God would life any physical and emotional burdens as your pregnancy goes on, and that where the burdens are part of your journey He has planned for you, you would find peace in them.

  3. Anymommy
    Love your legs. You only appreciate them when they're crocked.
    A while ago you mentioned taking all the children to the cinema for the afternoon. I sighed and thought " There speaks a woman who doesn't have leg trouble".
    It's great to have your expectant company though. So funny that we are both due the same time. I do wish you lived up the road!

    Thank you so much for the prayers!

  4. Thanks for the kind words on my own blog post Clare ;)
    Sadly I more than make up for your dainty sneezing. I can merely remain seated and still um.. you know - leak.
    You can certainly utilize my comment when people say you don't look that far along or due in the next three and a half weeks. "Well thank you, but I surely FEEL quite pregnant."

  5. Clare-
    I, too, wish I lived up the road from you, because living in England was so pleasant and, I miss it so much. It is fun having pregnancy company, though. I do appreciate my legs, but between the weight of this giant baby and all the extra water in there, my bladder feels the size of a walnut. I live in the bathroom!

    I am away visiting the family. I will be glad to get home so I can rest.